Headphones screwed somehow? Driver issue?

1 Oct 2011
Somehow my headphones were working fine but when I put them on something happened, like they sound so different, like the bass or something was edited somehow.. I messed around in Realtek HD and putting them to one side makes it a little more normal even though it's still both sides, but in the middle it sounds so like.. in an opera or like one of the pre-set sound effects.

How do I fix this? What happened? Both sides work perfectly even though I set it to one side only.. and it sounds more normal.

And now for one song I don't hear the vocals, just the sound.. but when I make it to the L or R only I can hear the vocals..

Okay I just tried a 3d sound and the quality just got worse as it tried to 3d, it didn't work.. but it worked on my other earphones.. but both the sides still work so how could this not work?

Fixed it !

Not sure why, but unplugging it and turning the level from 'HI to LOW' and then back to 'HI' fixed it.. disregard topic.
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