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Heart says jack it in, head says stick it out

Discussion in 'Careers, Employment and Professional Development' started by HangTime, 17 Jul 2021.

  1. Rids


    Joined: 30 Sep 2008

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    Oh god, I get that with presentations too... 'Thats too much detail, take it out'

    It gets to board/committee stage and they then spend 10 minutes bouncing back and forth on something that was clearly explained on the first ****ing iteration of the slide that some moron made me take out because it was too much detail.

    It happens every, single, day. Argh.
  2. Ev0


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    Urgh I get similar, whenever I’m told to run something by someone this sort of thing happens.

    Best one was a presentation for a promotion board, sent it to my manager at the time who said you need to put xyz in. So I did, then on the next run through he complained it was too much and to take it out!

    The thing is, rightly or wrongly, I’ve never been a fan of running through stuff with others too much before hand as people feel the need to chip in with stuff thats just not helpful.

    I’ve been doing things long enough now that I know what I want to present, how to present it, and what points to get across, that I really don’t find much value in going through the motions of run throughs etc.

    Not that approach isn’t for everyone and doesn’t work in all situations, but for the stuff I tend to do it works well for me.
  3. HangTime

    Man of Honour

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    Presentations aren't too bad because you can talk around it, I deliberately dumb-down powerpoint decks and don't mind doing it because I can verbally expand on the important points (admittedly this doesn't help with pre-reading). With emails, you don't get that opportunity, people jump to conclusions or come back with questions, even challenges on the missing details that you wanted to include (I'm particularly fond of pre-emptively addressing challenges to proposals i.e. highlighting the downsides up front and how they can be mitigated, but others consider it too much detail).
  4. gpuerrilla


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    This in particular resounds most with me, have similar moments myself old bean.