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Heating a workshop - Gas / Oil / Electric / Other

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by pheebs, 2 Nov 2016.

  1. pheebs


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    Hey hey :)

    All going well we are about to buy a house with an external garage which has fully insulated walls and garage door has been bricked up and pvc double glazed door put in.

    It has an apex roof so is quite tall in height (we can probably insulate roof better) and a couple of large velux windows.

    Interior size is around 3.1m x 5.65m (no height for sure but I'd reckon around 3m at top of apex)

    Currently there is no heating going to it but it does have electric. The guy who lives there is an artist and works out there with a gas heater all winter long claiming it's toasty!

    We plan on turning it into an office space (with motorbikes up one end) but not sure the best and most cost effient way of heating it whilst we beaver away in there!

    Oil / gas / electric?! We've crossed out a multi fuel stove (costly to maintain and flames + motorbikes and fuel cans within nearish proximity = not a great idea!)

    Any recommendations or thoughts would be most appreciated :)

    Thannnkk yooooouuuu!
  2. Werewolf


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    We use an oil filled electric radiator in our garage for most of the time we're in there if it's cold, it's quite comfortable after a while and you can put it near you for best effect.
    We've also got an calor gas heater that works well, but it puts out moisture and you have to be more careful with it (and need a spare canister for when the one in use runs out).

    Personally I prefer the electric heater, but know it probably costs more to run.
  3. lurkio


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    Similar set-up

    I used an oil filled radiator and also a blow heater ( I have a thermostat on the wall that controls the blow heater)

    It works pretty good , blow heater heats the place up quickly then shuts off only coming back on when temp has dropped, oil filled radiator keeps the area reasonably warm
  4. Rannoch


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    I have 2 oil filled radiators, one is a Delonghi Dragon 2.5kw, ther other is a £50 2.5 kw black fin that I bought on the bay. On the lowest setting the Delonghi puts out more heat than the cheaper black rad at its high setting.
  5. tom_e

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    I'd stick with something electric even if it'll be a little pricer it's going to be the safest and most pleasant.
  6. dirtychinchilla


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    It sounds like you'll be using it often and most of these sound like fairly temporary solutions.
  7. ChroniC


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    I don't have anything like what you do, but I know from experience that it's not the heater it's the insulation that is key. Doesn't matter what you have heating the place if it is leaking outside then it's just a massive waste of time.

    It sounds like you have the insulation aspect well covered so, whatever is the cheapest to run would be my shout.