Help required - choosing first LCD Monitor

11 Dec 2005
Hi all,

It's my birthday in a couple of months and the missus has offered to buy me a new monitor. My current setup is as follows:

21 inch Dell P1110 Monotor
Nvidea 7800 GT
AMD 64 3500+

I've never used an LCD before so would appreciate any advice - I don't want a display any smaller than I currently use if possible - so i guess I'm lookign at either a 22 or 24 inch display - would my system be able to manage that sort of native resolution?
Cost wise like most people I don't want to spend to much but I guess £300 to £600 would be my wife's budget.
usage would be 70 to 80% games, rest is browsing and general work - it won't be used for watching DVDs etc.

Thanks for your input

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