Horn, can I fit a louder one ?

27 Oct 2005

I think the horn in my car is way too silent and sounds rubbish, can I retrofit the horn with a louder one ( perhaps from another car), would going to a breakers and fitting a different one to the one I have work ok ( eg. from another type of car) ? I only have a ''single'' horn which I can barely hear myself when listening to music at medium volume, reving the engine to 5k makes more noise than it :(. Quite useless on the motorway too... Also, my mates laughed at me when I was honking at them and told me my car has a gay horn :p.

Any ideas how to start, how much it would cost, and if I can fit one from a different car, what cars generally have loud horns ?
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18 Oct 2002

Don't tempt me :D

How does it connect?

Just remove the the flimsy panel on the top of the bumper to reveal the existing horn. Some MX5s have small airhorns already, others (like mine) don't.

It's dual tone so I just removed one of the existing smaller horns and bodged the bracket to fit the Nautilus. I then added a very simple relay - the existing horn wire turns it on, and it gets its power supply from the main bus in the fuse box. I also added a small inline fuse for safety where I tapped the power.

Add a bit of insulating tape, cable ties and sticky pads to secure the wires and relay out the way and bingo.

Very very simple and easy to do.
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