Hornet front fender extender

2 May 2004

My Hornet's front end is collecting mud like crazy. Even after a slightly wet ride the downpipes are completely covered, and there's mud all on the collars, engine, round the radiator etc.

I commute every day on the thing, so it's going to suck having to brush it down after work every day. The mud seems to really stick on there nicely :/

As you can see I do have a front fender extender:

Is there anything longer I can get that'll stop mud going all over the place? I would rather remove a fender extender every weekend and clean it down than have to clean every day.

I'm not sure even a belly pan would help that much as the mud seems to get above where it would cover. Unless of course there's a belly pan that would pretty much cover the downpipes completely?

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