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2 Aug 2006

I am after some advice for my brother in law, he has EE fibre max 100 currently with standard supplied router, his contract is nearly up soon and is looking at sticking or swapping to a higher package on Virgin Media.

He would like to provide the whole house and into the rear garden patio area with good seamless wifi, four bedrooms, two large downstairs open plan rooms, the router is currently in hallway cupboard at front area of the house.

One Bedroom, the sons, already has cat 5e running through from the hallway (where the router is) to the loft and back down into his bedroom (extra cable can be pulled up or down from hallway to the loft if needed)

There is 5 Tv's all capable of streaming Netflix/Prime etc 2 downstairs 3 upstairs, 5 Mobiles , various ipads laptops etc and the son who is a keen gamer/streamer (his room is the hardwired cat5e one) so at prime time it gets busy.

Whats the best scenario to cover this ? he wants it reliable and stable as poss with out it being completely overkill, he is keen on ceiling or wall mounted POE Acess points, how many would suffice ? 1 upstairs 1 downstairs ?

What would be the best way to cover this scenario ?

Hope you can all help !

13 Jul 2005
Norfolk, South Scotland
Start with a upstairs floor plan of the house and look for places where the access point will go through (at most) one floor and one wall.

That’s basically what a professional survey team would do. Then they’d temporary mount access points in those locations and measure the WLAN signal inside the house. For external WLAN the best units in the market are the UniFi UAP-AC-M with the external panel antenna or the UAP-AC-M Pro which has that panel antenna built in. They’re not the fastest on the market but they are completely weatherproof and they give superb coverage.

And if you’re going UniFi with the external access points you may as well go for UniFi indoors as well, with something like the UAP-HDNano being a good option for speed and coverage. Going up to a UAP-AC-HD or UAP-SHD would get more coverage but the cost is prohibitive for the small extra gain in coverage unless you want to process hundreds of clients.
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