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How can I make my GTX660 utilise more memory?

29 Jul 2011
In my chair.
I know that the GTX660 has clever features which regulate the clock speeds and memory in use to save power and help it to run cooler etc, but when I play borderlands 2 my frame rate can be anywhere between 40 and 100 fps in the same area. I get a higher frame rate when the GPU decides to use more memory (I monitor it on my keyboard LCD).

Is there any way I can force the GPU to use more memory? It uses about 700MB on Borderlands 2, I would like it to use at least 1GB because when it decides to use less memory the frames drop to less than I was getting with my GTX480.

I would preferably like the GPU to run at full whack with the maximum clocks and maximum memory whenever I am in a game.
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