How do I move audio books from PC to my I-Phone 13?

28 Oct 2011
Add the MP3s to your iTunes library then sync that library with your iPhone.

There's no wifi syncing button on Itunes PC app?

It is supposed to be next to "music".

I have wifi turned on PC, have been able to inport mp3 to PC ap, but cannot connect PC app to Phone.
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10 Mar 2007
Yeah it doesn't register with my PC, donlt think that USB (C?) port is working, I have the big USB's (A?) next to it that work?
oddly my windows 10 box stoppped recognising my iphone. It was using the version in the Microsoft store, and followed by about 4 mandatory patch cycles so at some time got messed up.

on investigation, it was clear that the Apple usb driver was missing….instead some generic windows driver was in use on that device.

anyway…solution was to uninstall itunes. reboot. download itunes direct from Apple and reinstall. now sees the iphone ok in itunes.

I hate the way Microsoft constantly mess with my system without asking,
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