How easy is it to swap cases?

7 Dec 2008
I am talking mainly regarding the Motherboard and I/O shield here. I am using a Gigabyte X58 UD7A Motherboard, will it be easy to detach and reatach to a new case? Also, with the regards to the motherboard, as its an ATX motherboard (I wanna assume its an ATX, I am not THAT good with computers) how easy is it to position the motherboard over the right holes? Are the holes labeled at all?

The case I am moving to and from is

Antec 1200 > Coolermaster Cosmos R-C1000 Silver (Please let me know if this is a wise choice, if not its a bit late now I guess although I can still return it!)

Thanks guys : )
14 Dec 2005
armoy, n. ireland
Its pretty straight forward, remove the factory io plate from the new case, snap the one from your board in. Regarding mobo placement, some cases will have the atx holes marked, some may even have the standoffs already installed in the atx holes. But once you have the io shield installed, test fit the board by lining up the rear panel connectors with the io shield slots, this will then allow you to see where you need to screw the motherboard standoffs.