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How have we as a species allowed it to come to this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Diddums, 11 Apr 2019.

  1. zophiel

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    or you could be someone else trying to change the account details of some random person for fraudulent purposes.
  2. thenewoc


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    Lmao there's a few like this, three are pretty bad too. No wonder someone wanted to chin their STB off on here.
  3. StriderX


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    And yet I can do dozens of such things on my bank account via the online systems, why can I do that with a far more important part of life than ****** service companies?

    It’s entirely to force vulnerable people into staying as they either don’t want an argument or feel threatened.
  4. Scort


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    Yikes! Sounds horrendous!

    I left Sky recently, thankfully, Vodafone did everything for me, I never had to speak to Sky once - hurrah!
  5. Diddums


    Joined: 24 Oct 2012

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    Yeah, because cancelling someone else's Sky is definitely the end game for fraudulent crooks.

  6. uncle_rufus


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    Haha I cancelled Sky last week as well... they really do try hard... went something like:

    "I'd like to cancel please"

    "Oh we're sorry to hear that, can I ask why?"

    "Well we've basically realised we don't really watch any of the programming anymore. All we watch is ~10 minutes of BBC news each morning and that's about it"

    "Ah right that makes sense. So you don't watch any of the sport channels?"

    "Nope, nothing like that.... as I say we literally just watch the news in the morning and that's it"

    "Not the movies? Do you watch the movie channels?"

    "No. We don't. Just the news"

    "Documentaries? The kids channels?"

    It was painful honestly... still it only took ~20 minutes or so to get it done, but then they had someone call back this week to try and go through it all again with me with the same level of persistence... Eventually I said "look I'm not going to change my mind, unless you want to offer me it all for free" and then they had the cheek to say "okay, well can I help you with anything else?" YOU CALLED ME!!!!
  7. StriderX


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    Why... just deny the reasoning and repeat yourself, why even bother giving reasons?

    Utterly confused by this.
  8. zophiel

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    thats not what they said. nothing to do with cancelling and account.

    They were after getting details of an account changed.
  9. uncle_rufus


    Joined: 14 Mar 2011

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    Doesn't hurt to explain why if they're asking... I try to be polite and give them the benefit of the doubt until they start to take the ****... Also I think a part of me finds it funny
  10. Foghorn Leghorn

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    You all seem to have way more patience than me. Email to customer services and direct debit cancelled, 2 minutes tops. If they need to contact me afterwards then they'll write or phone. The only time I call myself is if it's for transferring my mobile number from one provider to another.
  11. StoutMeister


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  12. SickAsAParrot


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    There's a reason why the music quality is so bad, Tom Scott covered it in one of his Youtube videos,(which I can't search for at work), it isn't the source material it's something to do with how many exchanges it's having to go through or something.
  13. mccarf

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    I found this with Three. Cancelled giffgaff online, no hassle and done in no time at all. Cancelled Three and they were absolutely horrible. Took ages, then they passed me from a British call centre to an Indian one where I had to explain the same **** over again. They kept me on the phone for about an hour which is insane imo. It's stupid that I don't have to talk to anyone to setup these services but then to cancel them I have to suddenly talk to somebody. Should become law that if you can buy online, you can cancel online.
  14. Scania


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    Having experience of trying to cancel Sky previously, the last time I needed to cancel I just told them I was going to prison for attempted murder, the advisor couldn’t get me cancelled and off the phone quickly enough! :D

    I’ve recently changed from EE fibre broadband to Virgin Media, I was expecting a deluge of letters and calls once VM started the change over process (I’d kept the same landline number) and just got a letter from EE basically saying “Ok, cheers bye!” Which was a pleasant surprise.
  15. builder22


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    I cancelled Sky through the online chat a few months ago....first attempt it took so long the guy went for his lunch then finished his shift not long after. Eventually managed to cancel but it was another few hours of 20 mins between replies!
  16. Luckystrike123


    Joined: 11 Aug 2011

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    When we cancelled sky we told them that we were cancelling the TV license too. You could feel the guy's mental gymnastics trying to think up a reason for us not to leave. Pretty easy way to cut down the conversation which I'd recommend to anyone else who's thinking of leaving for good.
  17. StevieP


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    We've got a problem with Sky in that my elderly grandfather (95) has Sky and it looks as though he received a call from Sky last August and they managed to get him signed up for all sorts of rubbish that he doesn't want, need or use and he's now tied in until August 2020 unless he's prepared to pay various penalties!

    He obviously got confused during the call and agreed to a lengthy contract with little or no discounts applied! (the salesperson must have thought all of his Christmas's had come at once - full package for 2 years at virtually full price! :mad:)

    Has anyone got any experience of arguing this sort of situation with Sky?
  18. neil_g


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    Cancelled an AA insurance policy recently. Took less than 7 mins on the phone but cost me over £27 in fees.. :rolleyes:
  19. SexyGreyFox

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    It's very easy canceling stuff, just tell them you're moving to New Zealand.
  20. Begbie


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    In future email them, they will cancel and refund you to the date the email was sent.

    Or I used to anyway. But then I wasn't a total jobsworth.