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How much do you spend on food a week?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest2, 1 Jan 2016.

  1. kai


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    Location: Wales.

    Wife at a rough guess £30 per week.

    I do a lot of fitness shoots, and fitness work within the industry so image is important - fresh salmon and steak are daily so that's why price is higher than normal. The fact I like to buy good quality / free range where I can obviously inflates overall cost . As mentioned as much as I eat healthy I eat purely for purpose.
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  2. Mark A


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    I need to find a cheaper way of feeding my cat. It is really fussy and will only seem to eat Felix 'as good as it looks' pouches. End up spending £7+ a week on the bugger :mad:.

    Do places like Costco have good deals on cat food pouches?

    A couple of slices of brown bread with some soup cant be that bad can it?
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  3. Irish_Tom


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    Can't help you with the cat I'm afraid.

    However, on the bread front:

    A 40g slice of Hovis* wholemeal bread is 88 calories, contains just under half a teaspoon of sugar and 0.36g of salt.

    With two slices a day (assuming soup for lunch during the week) you're adding 4 teaspoons of sugar to your diet per week.

    It may not sound a lot, but it adds up, especially if you're having toast for breakfast.

    I have to say, that after having oats for breakfast for so long, going back to toast just doesn't fill me up for as long or give me as much energy.

    Although it's delicious, bread is pretty rubbish really.

    *This is OcUK, it had to be Hovis. ;)
  4. zootfloot

    Wise Guy

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    £150 per week. (another £50 per week for partners childminding business food)

    2 Adults, 1 Teenager (16) , 3 kids (7,10,10)

    All meals pretty much cooked from fresh.

    We bulk buy our meat, fish & poultry on a monthly basis and leftovers and soups are used for lunches at work.

    We could easily add another £50 per week on top of that lot for the washing powder and softener that we get through keeping the tribes clothes clean ;)
  5. Harold_Bishop


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    What are you eating, hay?!