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How much energy will I save when my flatmate moves out?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Izi, 24 Feb 2009.

  1. ScarySquirrel


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    You lot are cruel :p
  2. philjohn


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    Also, if he was contributing to the bills, you'll probably see what you end up paying (not the actual bill, but your "share" of it) go up.
  3. Tummy


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    Over 9000
  4. Nix


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    We've got a live one here lads. We've been roused.
  5. gillywibble

    Capo Crimine

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    £1.75 per square root.
  6. me227


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    On a more serious note. I doubt you'll save anything, you'll lose more as you'll be paying 100% percent of the bills now even if they are reduced.
  7. Ben M


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  8. Psycrow


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    Not that much.
    watched 4 hours of TV a day = 1.2KWH or so a day
    light on in his room for 12 hours a day = 0.24kwh a day
    had a 2kw oven on for 30 mins a day = 1kwh
    gamed on his pc for 2 hours = 0.5kwh

    time by 30 gives you about 88kwh, so about a tenner maybe.

    *figures were based on random guesses and thus the quoted kwh will probably infact be totally wrong
  9. Izi


    Joined: 9 Dec 2007

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    Well you have all been a great help, thanks :)

    edit thanks psycrow :)
  10. Knubje


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  11. Damien.


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    OCUK, full of useful advice and informations.

    Your lucky no one told you to put mustard on it !
  12. mangobreeder


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    divide you bill by 3
  13. A.N.Other


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    But oh so funny :D
  14. Izi


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    I really shouldn’t have have fallen for that, but I really didn’t think it would be out the realms of possibility to calculate how much a person costs to live in a house in terms of electricity/gas use.

    I mean its not going to be halfed, because basic heating the house which is shared isnt going to change, but cooking/washing etc will be.

    *needs to find website with calculator to prove point*
  15. stinamoo


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  16. Izi


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    he moved in when i bought the house, so no!
  17. Nix


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    Just spoke to my mother (she works for an energy company) and she said the gas should stay roughly the same but you're looking at about 1/3 for the electricity.