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How soon do we think new CPUs will be available?

4 Jan 2008
Hello 'clockers,

I think I've just found the smallest crumb of justification for an upgrade, which is that I could do with a third system at home. So in the finest spirit of upgrading, I'll upgrade the main PC and shuffle the components down.

Problem is, in the 18th months since I bought the pair of 2600K CPUs, things seem to have barely moved on. I'm a little confused where Ivybridge and Sandybridge-E weigh in against each other. Ivybridge was released after the Sandybridge-E, seems to offer a little better horsepower/clock but doesn't offer support for quad-channel memory. 64Gb of RAM really appeals for no logical reason other than I want it - so I'm leaning towards a 6-core 3930K socket 2011 chip.

This box will be primarily used for large doses photo editing, so the 6-core capability goes someway to justifying this chip's substantial price tag.

The question I have is quite a simple one. Given that the 3930K is nearly twice the price of the top Ivybridge 3770K, runs at a slower clock (3.2Ghz vs 3.5Ghz) and doesn't have the the new fancy Ivybridge enhancements, if I can live with 'only' 32Gb RAM, is it a smarter choice to go with Ivybridge? Haswell looks to be 2Q 2013, which is a bit longer than I wanted to wait really. The choice would be much simpler if these two CPUs were closer in price...

Thanks in advance.

edit. gah realised the title now doesn't make sense.. changed my message half way through, sorry about that.
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21 May 2012
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For brute number crunching the 3930k is a big step up from ivy bridge. Apart from the obvious 6 cores, quad channel memory and multi GPU support SB-E is fair bit better to oc as well compaired to an i7 3770k. If you have a use for the number crunching or just want to impress your mates the 3930k is well worth it.

It will be another 9 months or more before IB-E is with us but when they launch they will use the same mobo as SB-E which also gives you an upgrade path.
2 Dec 2005
3770K vs 2600K http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/551?vs=287
About 10% faster, it's just a tick (or a tock can't remember) in the intel world so a bit more efficient.

2600K and 3930K http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/287?vs=552
You'd expect a 50% increase due to the two extra cores, and it does get close to that in the real-world (44% faster in x264).

3770K (£240) and 3930K (£460) http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/551?vs=552
6 cores only 31% faster than the new 4 (x264 pass 2) again due to more efficient cores.

Also, consider that the TDP of the ivybridge is nearly half the SB-E (77 vs 130 W). Power savings are nice.
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