How the great have fallen.

5 Mar 2010
I had a similar experience with both recent orders. The first one I did have some items out of stock, so I phoned up 7 days after my order was placed to get the out of stock items removed. Good customer service would have reached out to me after my order was stuck for a week to say did I want the in-stock items sent out - I've no idea if my items would have been put to the side, or it there was a risk of them going out of stock with other buyers.

I also ordered some ram early morning and that wasn't dispatched until end of the following day which meant it couldn't be delivered until 2 days later.

One thing I have just noticed, if you put something in your basket whilst not logged in it says DPD next day delivery and a cost. Whereas if you are logged in, it just says free delivery - nothing about next day service. Not sure if it's always been this way, but the forum topic on free delivery does state next day. If OCUK are no longer offering this as a delivery option for forum members then they need to make this clear.
30 Dec 2020
I agree with the sporadic ordering, I have had 50% of my orders delayed. Unless you order with DPD (next day), your item is often delayed; an item in stock at the time of ordering is somehow out of stock at the time of your packing.
29 Sep 2011
Monkey Island
I've got no problem with ocuk delivery times, in fact the past frew free delivery orders have been turned into DPD delivery for no extra charge,
this has been great, even if it messes my planned schedual up a bit,
If I really want an item quick with no bother I just pay the extra shipping charge, even if that is £14.99 for a sunday delivery, I don't really care about the cost, I want the item!
Ocuk are still great, and the customer support is outstanding!
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