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how to cook lamb breast

Discussion in 'La Cuisine' started by watercooledman, 2 Oct 2021.

  1. watercooledman

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    got a 1.3kg lamb breast from turner and george.

    what's the best way to cook it and what seasoning to add.

  2. Mel_P

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    Get out your umbrella, light up the BBQ ......:D
  3. watercooledman

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  4. the-evaluator


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    This is how we usually cook lamb breast.
  5. Tefal

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    Oh that's a fair bit different to the supermarket roll of breath so not sure if this will work.

    Usualy with the cheap roll I fill a tray/tin with veg and onions and put the meat on top after a quick dear then cook fairly low and slow to render out all the fat, remove and plate lamb+ veg (leave some onion) drain some of the fat off the juice left then add flour and heat on the hob so make a very thick glossy gravey
  6. Fatboy123


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  7. dante6491


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    Boning a lamb breast is dead easy and allows you to then roll it. Feel for each bone, run the knife down both sides and then once down the back. Should come out in one go and you get a nice xylophone of ribs at the end of it.