How to split available bandwidth between 2 primary devices?

1 Nov 2003
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Hi all

A friend of mine is a twitch partner and her husband is a graphic designer. They both work from home and husbando often has to download large files for work and/or upload them, which results in her stream dropping frames and buffering etc

Now, their internet connection is 80 down, 20 up, if I remember rightly.

My networking knowledge isn't great. I know basics, but thats it. So, I am wondering. If they wanted to setup something so their bandwidth is split evenly between their machines, so one cannot go past a certain point (lets say 40/10 each) - would this be possible? and if so, whats needed/how involved is it? :)

Thanks very much! :)
15 Jan 2006
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Depending on their provider/package they may have a router that allows for this sort of management, which would likely be the neatest way of ensuring the stream goes uninterrupted. It's specifically QoS (quality of service) they need, although it may be called something else in the router's configuration. I'm sure there is also software available on the client side that would limit network utilisation, but it's not as ideal a solution IMO. To advise more, people will really need to know the ISP and network device currently in use. It really isn't rocket science, but it can get fiddly depending on exact circumstances.
22 Oct 2018
I don't know much about this sort of thing but I do know that the switch I have, which is a netgear managed switch has individual limits for upload and download on each of the ports. You could readily use that to just share the bandwidth between the two. Bear in mind though that this is a switch so it also affects all of your local lan. I guess you need the same in a router but not all routers allow this sort of simple bandwidth allocation to each device. I know there are some that do.... I would suspect that maybe netgear do because the same feature is in my switch.
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26 Jan 2009
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Deffo QoS - may require the devices to be set via static IP within the Router or QoS bound to the MAC addresses. Also, if the Graphic Designer has an application that does the downloads/uploads, explore whether that application allows you to set a hard transfer limit like Steam does.
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