How to store and access photos?

25 Jul 2005
Just reading the HP microserver thread I'm starting to think maybe I should get one of those... I recently built a silent ITX machine and have a single 1TB HDD plugged in the back of it, with my photos stored on another HDD I need to plug in somewhere. I also have a MBA which I view photos on from (normally first) and it gives me the bad habit of having two sets of photos and edits lying around...

I'm thinking instead of having a system whereby I have some form of NAS attached to both machines and editing locally before storing on the NAS. I'm not sure what I want though so thought I would come here for some inspiration.

Does editing from a remote location cause issues with speed (using wifi to connect)? I'd also be looking at storing all my films on the server as well so would want probably 2x drives at a minimum so I can get about 4TB of data (or backup 2TBs).
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