How to strengthen hand/wrist

26 Jan 2007
Basically when I was back at school during the summer holidays I would try and look for jobs, one summer I got a job being a laborer to my best m8s cousin.

I wasnt used to any of the work I had to do, such as carrying heavy items, constantly bringing heavy equipment, bricks back and forth. I worked with him for just over a month in the summer during which my right hand/wrist got weak and carrying things or moving it in particular ways was painful to say the least.

Anyway I got back to school and didn't worry about it as I knew I wouldn't be working with him again for a long time due to school. I thought it would just get better and heal over time.

Now a year or two later I have noted during this time that when I do anything that involves carrying heavy things or doing work with my hands my bad wrist comes back and is weak. Last time I went to play tennis I just couldn't play my wrist was hurting too much, and this is a good year after working with him.

Now I have finished my A levels I am doing some work with him on and off, in the last period of working with him I was carrying heavy things all day long and after 1 week of this my bad/weak wrist has appeared again.

Ive brought a pair of those power grips which I did, for about a week use it every day to try and help strengthen my wrist. To an extent I think it did work, however I wasn't working at the time so I couldn't really test myself out.

Now I'm wondering what the best course of action/treatment is for my weak hand/wrist. Is there anything in particular I can be doing to help it get better. Ive got a few more days work left with him and Ive brought one of those wrist support straps, not that I think its going to do much to try and get me through it.

Thanks for reading.
30 Sep 2006
Midlands, UK
1) 12" long piece of thick dowel (broom pole thickenss). Secure one end of a 3-4ft piece of string to the middle of the pole then the other end to the handle of a paint tub, then basically with arms straight out in front raise the paint tin up by rolling the pole through your fingers and thus winding the string around it.
2) Get a long heavy pole, or a broom pole with some weight on the far end then raise your arm out in front and chop down like a sword, but only using your wrist, keep your elbow and shoulders at the same angle and in the same position.
3) Get one of those stress balls to squeeze, they are really good. Eagel grips as well are good.
4) Wrist curls with a barbell or dumbbell; sit on a bench, rest your forearms along your thighs with your wrists overhanging your knees and curl. Also do the reverse with your palms face down; these strengthen the bracchialis/brachioradialis muscles. of the forearm. Vital for strong wrists/grip.

Hope it helps :)