HP Laptop connecting badly to Sharp 60" TV

10 Mar 2012
Lf some help for my mum. She has an HP Laptop-15 db0xxx and she wants to connect it to her 60" Sharp LC-60LE741E TV so she can play games on a larger screen.

Whenever she tries to load certain games, a thick black line appears on the screen and will roll upwards very slowly and then reappear at the bottom and will just constantly do this, making the game unplayable. Also, the resolution is too big on the TV and got her to adjust this in AMD settings but when she exits the game, it reverts back.

I got my mum to check the refresh rates and laptop states 60hz but tv says 50hz. When going to change the refresh rate of laptop to 50hz, it switched back to 60hz and the tv stated 60hz in settings. This TV is apparently 100hz.

Just wondering if this could possibly be a cable issue because the TV is newer or would that be irrelevant as she's currently using an old sky HDMI cable.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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