HP X32 1440p 165hz first impressions

10 Oct 2012
Intro(skip if you don't care):
I got a bit tired of 75hz and while I would have liked to go back to 240hz, 1080p is not an option for me and the only IPS that I could find in the 32" size being 240hz is an Acer costing like 800-900 pounds or so. No thank you. I can get a brand new LG CX oled for that. So i took a chance and found the cheapest 32" IPS monitor with a 144hz refresh rate or higher.

In comes the HP X32 for which I paid 320 pounds(2800DKK, we got some "sweet" taxes here in Denmark). No reviews to be found really, no mentions on reddit. It is like it has stayed below the radar outside of a few announcements on sites like Tomshardware.

First impressions:
With a quick and dirty calibration using only eye sight and turning down the green channel a bit it looks pretty good. No idea of the actual accuracy though. No dead pixels. Minimal IPS glow. Adaptive-Sync/Freesync works just fine as you would expect with no flickering at all. Pretty good pixel response if you run it on response time level 3. Response time level 4 introduces clear overshoot so don't bother with that. It has a black frame insertion mode called MPRT. You can't use it together with Adaptive-sync. Haven't tested it much yet so I'll come back with my opinion on it later. It has cheat crosshairs if thats a feature you want, I personally don't care.

The buttons are placed on the right side behind the monitor and sadly does not include the nipple :(, its a pain to reach for at the distance I have the screen. I personally really love the look of it. It's a very office/pro design and has no gamery design features what so ever, THANK YOU!. Stand is solid but you cannot pivot or swivel only adjust height(only thing I need anyway).

Overall a very solid monitor and a very good pick as long as it doesn't cost more than its competitors. It certainly will fill the void for me until OLED or similar becomes cheaper. Sorry for the messy write up, but I just wrote as things popped into my head.


Short specs:
32 inch
2560 x 1440p 165hz
IPS Panel
400 nits
DP 1.4 and HDMI. My unit is running on firmware and its HW Revision is BIM101.
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