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HTPC + Onkyo 875, no sub in Winamp?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Sh4rkie, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Sh4rkie

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    Hoping someone can help?

    I have a HTPC setup using a ATI 5450 for audio which is mainly used for bitstreaming over HDMI via MPCHC / PDVD to a Onyko 870. It's a 5.1 setup using a REL sub and when bitstreaming (AC3, DTS, DTS HD etc.) the sub works beautifully. Within W7 i've setup the ATI HDMI audio device to have 5.1 speakers and the speakers all test correctly within windows.

    When i use Winamp i get no sub activity just L/R channels which is a problem as i've setup the crossover frequencies within the amp to output very little bass to the rest of the speakers.

    On the amp itself i've tried various settings e.g. stereo, multi channel, direct, pure audio and none produce any sub activity via Winamp.

    Help? :confused:
  2. Netvyper


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    Can I suggest you try All Channel Stereo, or Neo/Dolby Music Presets, and see if that works?

    Stereo is 2.0 only.
    Multichannel will be 2.0 only - MP3s are only stereo.
    Direct & Pure are both unprocessed multichannel I believe.

    The other thing you can do, is look at how you can get Winamp to use all 5.1 channels, I'm sure there's a way to do that in the software or with a plugin, but I'm not home & can't remember right now :p
  3. james.miller


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    any more info? does it work with movies? does it work with anything else on the pc?

    how did you set the 875 up, with the mic?
  4. Sh4rkie

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    Argh! Solved.

    Came home tonight, tried a few tracks zero output from the sub. Started to look for Neo Music etc. which i'd seen before but they weren't available. I looked at the listening mood matrixes in the Onkyo manual and they're only available in 2 ch output (Windows is set to 5.1). But then i noticed the table headers "Multichannel PCM" and "192kHz" for the last column. I remembered the other day i changed the default format from 16bit 48kHz to 24bit 192kHz. I changed this back to default settings, warning came up about device is being used by another application, continue. Still nothing and then i checked the speaker setup again and it had default back to stereo. When i switched back to 5.1 i got my sub back.

    Thanks for the input guys, time for a beer!

    Can't really explain why it did it tho. As the Onkyo wouldn't let me select Neo music and saw the output from the PC as 5.1, going back to 2.0 and then back up to 5.1 caused it to work. Weird.
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