I am confused with this EPU/Q-Fan business..

28 Jun 2003

Recently built myself a new system which included the Asus M4A79XTD-EVO.

I didn't really mess around installing any of the extras as I am happy running it at stock for now. I have noticed its a bit nosier than my older PC but its acceptable.

Last night I noticed the EPU Engine 4 application that came with my mobo. After , selecting "Auto" feature my PC noise dropped to almost zero! It's much less distracting when just surfing the net etc....

After googling and finding limited information on it I have a few questions...

Does "AUTO" mode effect performance or does it respond quick enough to maintain a fast environment as I do game on this machine as well...I worry that the AI is not that great and during mid-play may suddenly decide to "under-clock" my machine and crash me out...?

Whilst running does it restrict my machine even in "High Performance" mode, or does it leave everything running at (stock) max? If the application was uninstalled would my fan noise be the same as if I was in High Performance mode? (I'm running Windows 7 RC 64bit)

I understand there is another program Q-Fan that adjusts the fan speed according to the temp without under/overclocking the chip itself. I think this would be a better option for me as I know my chip will always be at the speed I want it to be at - but this option is blanked out for me on Asus controls?

I would really appreciate it if I could get some answers on these as google and searching this forum is coming up with zero and frustratingly the usermanual for the program is limited to one page!!!
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