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I feel like having a whinge dammit.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Diddums, 1 Oct 2021.

  1. watercooledman

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  2. bloodiedathame


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    Ok, ok, I'll come back to the fold. What we playing?
  3. Ergates


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    Maybe just stop holding your tongues. See how long Dad is happy letting you all babysit when he starts hearing some of the new language his son is learning.
  4. soundb0y


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    16s hardly too young to be hearing some naughty words is it?

    I thought you were going to mention a 9 or 10 year old.

    16 is old enough to be given some banter/abuse too. Give the dad a heads up and then just revert to normal behaviour.
  5. SexyGreyFox

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    Post 16
  6. drakulton

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    So, basically you're whinging cos you're getting beaten by a bunch of kids. [​IMG]
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  7. [FnG]magnolia


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    Are we ignoring the fact that the dad clearly isn't the friend the OP thinks he is?
    Cliff notes : "how do I move on from this group of people who I have little time for anymore?"
  8. Jean-F


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    I clicked on this thread, wondering what it was about and gradually realised that it was about PlayStation games, which goes sailing right over my head.
    I WhatsApped my younger son and asked if his son, (18), was into PlayStation, he said “Yes, he plays with a bunch of kids from all over Europe.”
    I said, “What about you, you into it?”
    He said, “Are you kidding, what am I, 13?”
  9. Semple


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    This sounds like the best approach. If he keeps failing to turn up himself, then I'd make arrangements around him.

    By the sounds of things his dad doesn't give a ****.
  10. .Lethal


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    This. Dropping a message in the WhatsApp group isn't going to change anything for the better.
  11. Angilion

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    The oldest computer gamer I knew personally was in their 80s. They were well into it and had plenty of spare time since they were (unsurprisingly) retired.

    Humans of all ages have been playing games at least throughout recorded history(*). Probably all of human history. Probably pre-human hominids too. Why should it make such a difference if the gaming equipment is a computer or a bat or a board and pieces or dice or a deck of cards or whatever?

    * People in ancient mesopotamia, at (and probably before) the very beginning of recorded history, played games. One of those games is the oldest known surviving board game. You can't time travel to a tavern in ancient mesopotamia to play it, but you can play it in your browser right where you are now:

  12. Ergates


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    And your point is....?
  13. dowie

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    Maybe just don't watch your mouths... carry on as usual? It's not your problem some numpty has stuck his kid on there and if they don't like the fact there is bad language then they can always just not stick their kid on there in future.
  14. Dirk Diggler


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    Edit NVM (I misunderstood and thought you were babysitting the kid)
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  15. Apex


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    All well and good, but clearly the op here is a decent guy and doesn't want to be as indecent with his loose tongue as he'd normally be while there are youngens around. I'd be the same. I'm sure the op also feels it's just a matter of style of how people 35+ talk, to how someone that's 16 talks, so if he talks and has fun with his friends over chat as he'd normally do, the 16 can't relate/join/joke back appropriately and then what's the point of the 16 being there.

    I think some people are getting lost with the fact this event happens over video games. If this was a Friday poker night, or as op has said, Friday 10pm pub night, a lot more I'm sure would agree it's not fair that a 16 year old is being sent in the place of a 40 year old guy.

    Imagine the other way around. A bunch of 15/16 year olds playing video games, and one of the kids keeps being busy so sends his dad instead.

    Diddums best bet is to be open to the dad and tell him the truth. Even a sugar coated version of the truth is good enough in this situation
  16. Wizzfizz


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    Spot on :D
  17. Bickaxe


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    Can you kick the kid out of the group? If not, can you forma new group without him?

    I would just do what I normally do, regardless of the age of any other player.
    Sounds like dad has moved on and it no longer interested in playing anyway.
  18. Em3bbs


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    This is what I thought at first, I thought it was poker night round one of the lads houses or something and the host would go to the pub and leave everyone to babysit the kid. I had to re-read the OP a few times. :D
  19. Diddums


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    For a bit of extra context, I like this kid. I've known him for yonks and he's always been a part of our group and he's had a really rough couple of years so just kicking him out or carrying on as normal isn't an option - I couldn't do that to the poor fella as he's generally a really nice lad.

    The problem is his dad and how he just drops his boy on us to babysit for him whilst he's out with his new totty. That's not on and that's what's irritating me (and a few others). I need to think of a way of discussing this with him without him going in to sulk-mode and pulling his lad out of our group as he'll end up joining those LFG groups on reddit which are usually full of hateful, toxic bullies. As annoying as he can be, he's in good company with us. I just think his dad is taking the mick big time.
  20. dLockers


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