I got the job :-)

14 Aug 2004
An agency contacted me a few weeks back about a job that I matched the criteria for - Corporate Travel Consultant. The job is in a small office and it's not a call centre.... woohoo lol. I currently work in a call centre and the staff get treated like ****. The agency found my C.V. on Monster. Well I went for an interview last week and felt really positive about how it went (probably the only ever time I've felt like this). Well, I got feedback later that day to say that I was really confident in answering the questions and I came across as a really like-able chap ;)

I got invited for a second interview which I went to yesterday. It was with the Managing Director. I felt really positive throughout the interview and walked out with a big smile on my face. I remember asking in the interview if there were any questions I had so I asked if many people were in the same position I was (2nd interview), the reply was 'Wouldn't I like to know' with a chuckle from the Managing Director. I just laughed as I found this quite funny. The Managing Director then said that I had some competition which I smiled at.

They advised that I would hear about the job by next Tuesday but when I arrived into work this morning, there was an email telling me the good news. I nearly fell off my seat. The job is perfect, more money, less travel which means a reduction in travel costs and better hours (9-5pm instead of what I work atm - 8-5pm).
I start in a few weeks.

The agency found my C.V. but they get paid when I got the job so the contract has been posted to me from the actual company, once I sign it and return it, I'm employed by the company and not the agency.

I'm over the moon and thought I would share :D
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30 Aug 2004
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Good effort & congratualtions, I felt the same as you do on the 5th of December last year. Mine is Permanet now & life is a cruise, It's also got me fit again. :cool:
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