I need a small, simple but decent case for ~£40

17 Jan 2007
Kent, UK
I'm shortly going to be building a basic WoW gaming PC for my wife and am trying to decide on what case to go for. It'll be a fairly cheap system (£700 including OS and all peripherals) so I don't want anything that takes too big a chunk of the budget. Inside it'll be only be running an i3, one SSD, one optical drive and a mid range gpu, probably a 270x and from the outside my wife just wants something discrete, not too big and quiet.
As I'll be the one building it I want something that isn't a real pain to work with but it's not going to be a system I'm going to be fiddling with constantly.
I've looked at mini-itx systems but cases and motherboards seem to get pricey quite quickly so I think microATX is probably my best bet.

Is there something out there that matches those requirements for about £40?

Many Thanks,