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I phone 6s?. call history?.

Discussion in 'Mobile and Tablet Games' started by skipper847, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. skipper847


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    Do all incoming call when answered go into history or can the other person block it?. I cant remember phone number but can remember seeing Leeds so I answered it. I am on there contact list to begin with as I have had a kidney transplant so see them for phone call appointments every other month and phone number is in the history for the check up phone calls.

    About 30 mins ago I got a phone call and can remember seeing where from but I cant remember what number. They said for security they wanted my name, where I live, my date of birth and why I was on the vulnerable list. They did mention about the letter I received from the government too. They did say it was if I needed help with anything like food meds etc after they got my info. I said I get help from my family etc. Be for that though when she was asking for my date of birth etc I said, How do I no it not spam (politely mind you)to see reaction She just continued talking.

    Something didn't seem right as it was after 18:00PM too so I checked my call history and no history there. I didn't give any major details or anything but when I said which town I lived at she did say full adress of where I live. I did say after sorry about be for you just cant be too carful. She replied no worries I be same and said thank you.

    Just seems odd timing after 18:00, asking questions. no phone history. Thanks.