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I would like a smaller LIGHTER case...

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Guru, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Guru


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  5. ExoMale


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    wow i did not expect to see atx cases of that size in a tower like form, that linked one is certainly nice

    350*188*380mm this is my case size and m-atx, so these 2 cases are impressive..

    just another thought on the subject, i dont know how your Lan parties etc go and how much demand you need, but have you thought of maybe making a smaller form factor computer to use just for such events?
  6. Quartz


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    How much are you willing to spend? Are you willing to get an ITX motherboard? Are you willing to drop overclocking?

    At one point many years ago I too got fed up with lugging a huge PC around so got myself a Shuttle XPC. These days I'd get myself a Dan A4 or Bitfenix Prodigy ITX depending upon budget. I haven't been to a LAN do in nearly a decade, though.

    My basket at Overclockers UK:
    Total: £296.68 (includes shipping: £11.70)

    The Bitfenix case has the advantage of handles which make it easier to move; the Dan A4 is, of course, incredibly small.

    You might be better off buying a small suitcase and lining it with foam. Then, when you want to go to a LAN meet you put the PC in the suitcase and carry it that way.