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i5 750 gaming upgrade. Which cpu / socket to go with on a budget?

Discussion in 'OcUK Full Systems & Bundles' started by ashatron, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. ashatron


    Joined: Sep 15, 2009

    Posts: 600

    Hi all! :)

    I'm looking for some advice on upgrading on a budget. I'm getting a new gpu soon (970 or 1060) and want to upgrade my cpu and mobo (and maybe ram) at the same time. Currently on an i5 750, 8gb ram, ati 7970.

    Ideally want to spend as little as possible, but I'm OK with spending more if it makes it more future proof (within reason), like being to upgrade the cpu in 3 or 4 years.

    My uncertainty is knowing which direction to go with. I currently think I have the following options:
    • Used I5 2500k bundle which is nice and cheap, £90-130 ish, and still great for gaming.
    • A ryzen 3 1200 bundle. £240 ish. Good enough for gaming, overclock well, new socket so maybe more 'future proof' with a cpu upgrade later?
    • Intel g4560 bundle. £150 ish? I think this is good enough for gaming, and might have socket options in future? Not sure about OC
    I'd greatly appreciate any advice on what might be best or options I've completely missed! Thanks so much and apologies if this is in the wrong forum! :)
  2. orbitalwalsh


    Joined: Dec 1, 2015

    Posts: 4,131


    Morning, if you did go the new route and Intel

    Coffeelake i3 is now 4 core and 4 threads like your current i5 and the proposed 2nd gen 2nd hand chip, but the difference in core design is quite different. From 3rd to 7th gen chips would won't see much chains between the chips compared to the first 2 , but the 8th is increased purely by core size and speed .
    Ideally i5 would be perfect , 6 cores but prices are sky high at moment

    My basket at Overclockers UK:
    Total: £389.47 (includes shipping: £10.50) ​

    The more sensible option would be Ryzen due to being cheaper and a great performer

    My basket at Overclockers UK:
    Total: £337.43 (includes shipping: £10.50) ​
  3. MassiveJim


    Joined: Feb 22, 2014

    Posts: 828

    the issue you have going with anything new is RAM prices are currently at an all time high and seemingly seem to be ever increasing.

    if you do go the used route, consider an I7 to get more threads, i'm not the most up to date person on gaming but having read a few threads on here it seems that more and more games are taking advantage of multiple threads/cores nowadays.
  4. orbitalwalsh


    Joined: Dec 1, 2015

    Posts: 4,131

    I had i7 860@4ghz being cooled by a 480/60mm thick rad , and still a 4th gen i5 would best it , and more so with a more powerful GPU
    1st gens were massive over Core chips but 2/3rd gens were good generation jumpswhich then turned into baby steps after haha

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