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i5 9600k to i9 9900k?

2 Oct 2020
My PC has had a few rolling upgrades over the past 18 months or so and recently, I picked up an RTX 3090fe which has left me wondering about my previous CPU choice...

I game, edit photos and videos! Less on the video side at the time so, an i5 9600k felt like a fairly reasonable choice... Side note, I've never managed to get it stable over 4.8ghz so, the i9 at 5ghz is a factor too.

But, my gaming has recently fluctuated between 1440p/144hz and 4k/60 and with the 3090 I can't help but wonder about bottlenecks... It'll be some time before I go all out on a new build so I was wondering if spending out to get the i9 might be worth it right now.

I know it'll help with regards to content creation and such...

Any opinions would be appreciated - I'm stuck in a loop with my thought process...
22 Jun 2006
For gaming I wouldn't bother, for photos and videos it depends how much your software uses the extra cores and how valuable your time is. If it was me I'd want to be clear about how much time it would save. If it's super important then I'd question if you're better off switching to a platform that supports more than 8 cores (assuming your software uses them).
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