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Identify old pipe

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Malicious, 26 Jan 2021.

  1. BigBoy


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    No they are supply engineers, different set of qualifications entirely.
  2. Tony Edwards


    Joined: 4 Feb 2018

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    Why would that be dangerous if it is water?
  3. robj20


    Joined: 9 Apr 2007

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    'Dead legs'
    WRAS guidelines state that the length of any dead leg should be limited to two times the pipe's diameter. Water cannot circulate in a dead leg, so if the dead leg is much longer than that, it could be a breeding ground for Legionella.
  4. Tony Edwards


    Joined: 4 Feb 2018

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    Ah right that makes sense. Thanks.

    People are not going to be amused by 'perdantic' Tony telling them about their water pipes now I can tell you.
  5. BadMojo

    Wise Guy

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    I'm with NathG79 & BigBoy - Definitely gas. The gas meter used to be there. But it was removed/relocated at some point. Do you still have a gas supply? Gas meter in a different location?

    There is a way (for a suitably qualified person, i.e. gas safe registered) to determine if the pipe is still live or not, but he/she would not be able to do anything to that supply pipe other than what has already been done to it, i.e. cap at the valve, remove the handle and test for leaks.

    However, the pipe doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the gas transporter. Removing the pipe would have to be done by them and considering they didn't remove it when the other pipe was laid (assuming there is another supply), I presume there was a reason they didn't do it in the first place - a reason that would more than likely result in a massive charge to you if you wanted it removed now.

    Assume it's live, until told otherwise, and forget about it...

    I suppose you could call the transporter (number should be on your gas meter) and report a smell of gas, then they'd come out and check it. Then have a chat with them. ;)

    (Sorry I keep editing my post.)
    Last edited: 27 Jan 2021
  6. mickyflinn


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  7. JayMax


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    If it's gas - and it's live then it might be bypassing the meter.... ;)
  8. Malicious


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    Thanks for all the comments. I had thought gas but didn’t think a gas pipe would be wrapped.

    The current gas meter is located on the wall outside the front of the garage.

    So it seems that I might be stuck with it? In that case I’ll plan around it.

    Close up of the top, the bracket on the right would have held the meter then I presume?


    thanks all

  9. BigBoy


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    That's an old meter shelf. nothing stopping you removing that.
    If you wan the pipe removed then call the emergency number on your meter 0800 111999 and report a smell of gas in the garage. When the guy turns up let him do all his checks then have a casual chat he may offer to remove it or cap it at ground level of it's dead.
    Technically abuse of the system but it's done 100's of times a day!
  10. Thebug

    Wise Guy

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    We had one the same, i just opened the valve to check its dead, it was so filled it with water incase of fumes then ground it off at floor level and filled in with cement been fine for the last 7 years.