Im not sure if the D_LED is working on the X570I Aorus Pro Wifi

27 Jul 2006
I have been trying to get my motherboard to sync with the UpHere ARGB fans and my LianLi AIO. When connected to the controller using its own lighting patterns it all works fine. If i hold down the reset on the controller for 3 seconds it changes but does not show what RGB Fusion is tellign it to show.

In order to remove the chances that the UPHere thing wasnt fully compatible with RGB Fusion i disconnected that and only connected the Lian Li stuff using the cables and such for that and plugged it into the D_LED Header on the motherboard, no signal at all, no light. Fans are spinning.

My concern is that I may not be pushing the connector on hard enough. Its in a very very awkward place.

Has anyone used the D_LED Header on this board, located in a teeny gap between the ram and the chipset fan/heatsink gubbins.

How can i test it?

Would attaching one ARGB fan straight to the header work, that is would it send the signal to light it by default?

Is there something im missing in the Bios?

Would appreciate some advice as im going slightly mad with the entire thing.
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