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I'm speechless!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fozzybear, 23 May 2006.

  1. fozzybear


    Joined: 27 Mar 2004

    Posts: 7,653

    Location: Manchester

  2. Beansprout

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 31 Jan 2004

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    Location: Plymouth

    :eek: :eek:

  3. Yas786


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 48,728

    Location: All over the world...

    :eek: Crikey what is this country coming to??:eek::(:(

    Good riddance, id rather they cut their private parts off and make them suffer some more.
  4. Red and White


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 8,920

    some people...

    words fail
  5. Mellownatts


    Joined: 14 Feb 2006

    Posts: 547

    Location: Leeds, W Yorks.

    Looks like it was an 8 year old who wrote it tbh.

    Sickening to say the least.
  6. Raumarik


    Joined: 14 Jul 2003

    Posts: 13,823

    sentance wasn't long enough

    and they should have thier balls cut off.
  7. ElRazur


    Joined: 15 Mar 2005

    Posts: 10,424

    Location: I am everywhere...

    Those people need help...loads of it. :mad: What's the attraction in a girl still going through puberty?
    Last edited: 23 May 2006
  8. FreeStream


    Joined: 10 Apr 2004

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  9. AJUK

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 14 Nov 2003

    Posts: 10,949


    There is nothing I can say.
  10. fozzybear


    Joined: 27 Mar 2004

    Posts: 7,653

    Location: Manchester

    How stupid must they have been to leave a telephone number? Well done to the reporter who saw the writing and reported it.
  11. cleanbluesky


    Joined: 2 Nov 2004

    Posts: 24,654

    Sounds like they wanted to get caught
  12. cheets64


    Joined: 30 Sep 2005

    Posts: 25,895

    Location: Wigan

    Sick but your nextdoor neighbour could be a paedo, they are every where and I think more should be done to find out why they need to have sex with young children.

    Also massive sentences should be given out to atleast stop or make people think about what they are doing, most offenders just end up doing there jail term coming out early from good behavior then end up doing it all again.
  13. Violent-J


    Joined: 25 Mar 2006

    Posts: 1,343

    Location: Birmingham

    It had probably been there for a while but people probably didn't take it seriously :( If it would have been reported earlier maybe those young lives could have been saved from what I can imagine was horrific abuse.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:


    I hope they go down for life. Dirty old ********.
  14. Greenlizard0

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 15 Mar 2004

    Posts: 28,141

    Location: Liverpool

    That's just utterly horrendous :(
  15. G-MAN2004


    Joined: 4 Jul 2004

    Posts: 30,298

    Death sentence to UK tbh.
    I would pay to watch.
  16. Liverpool-Lad

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 1,519

    Location: Liverpool - UK.

    Or were dense...
  17. Freefaller

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 5 Jun 2003

    Posts: 87,775

    Location: Falling...


    It would be a good way to set someone up though if the person was indeed innocent.
  18. fozzybear


    Joined: 27 Mar 2004

    Posts: 7,653

    Location: Manchester

    That's a more likely explanation.
  19. gib786


    Joined: 12 Dec 2005

    Posts: 1,790

    Location: Leeds

    What they did was sick, but to go as far as making money out of it is just pure evil, no doubt they will be let off early for good behaviour whilst their victims will be scarred for life
  20. "andy"


    Joined: 9 Jun 2005

    Posts: 13,909

    surely an innocent person wouldnt send explict messages back though .