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Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zefan, 29 Jun 2016.

  1. Sui


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    I was sceptical with the Noblechairs Hero after owning the Staples Kashmir for like 6-7 years. But I must say, it's a really good bit of kit and I have no worries of it breaking, it's a quality bit of kit. When I compare it to some of the £3-400 chairs we buy at work, it knocks them out the park.

    Edit: From the post above, I find it stupidly uncomfortable to use that top cushion, maybe I'm doing something wrong :D
  2. cu3ed


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    Kinda answered your own question, the only time I have my head actively on the back is when im sitting back thinking of something. As far as I coudl tell its a duel memory foam at the top. Seems to be a lot of hate for these chairs and not sure why.
    Have those posted even sat in one?
  3. andy_mk3


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    I wouldn't call them a gimmick. I bought mine second hand (but unused), but even looking at new prices, the £180 Markus, you couldn't buy two of them for one of mine. So the "almost 5" is a but out there. I can't speak for how long the Noble is going to last but it reviews very well and I find it a lot more comfortable already. Of course a gaming chair isn't for everyone, but there's no need to slam them IMHO, this feels very well made and I have no doubts about it lasting well.

    I dare say I've had mine 6-7 years now, and it's still in brilliant condition, definitely fantastic value for money! My wife now has it still still get a few more years use out of it yet :)

    I think I had a big old Saab at the time, which was a good job as I bought the big Ikea desk at the same time :D

    I don't think that's the case at all, it's an option you can put on there if you wish. I struggle with my neck and shoulders and the cushion is a very welcome addition. The Markus let me down in that aspect as the head rest was too far back to comfortably rest my head on it.

    End of the day, a chair is always going to be massively down to personal preference. Admittedly the 'gaming chairs' are very expensive for what they are, I don't think I would have paid full price for one, but the price I got it for I am very happy and very pleased with it.
  4. hughtrimble


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    I suggest going to your GP and checking against their professional machines as misleading BP results will do you no favours.
  5. ajf


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    I second this.
    These may be fine, but I’ve had a few home BP machines over the years and several were not accurate compared to a calibrated one at my surgery. Most are fine to monitor to see if your BP fluctuates, but be careful of using them for specific readings for high/low BP problems.
    I ended up getting one of the Omron machines, which I found is exactly what the surgery uses. When we tested mine it was virtually spot on.
  6. AndyCr15


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    These are 'clinically validated' and 'medically accurate'. For me it would be if I saw something that concerned me, I would go and then see my doctor. If this shows all is well, why would I take their time up? I don't see it being that different to bathroom scales that give me a body fat % or a personal heart rate monitor. I wouldn't expect them to be spot on accurate to the best way of measuring out there, but they will still give you a pretty good idea of what it is.
  7. Mobius 1


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    I’ve not got a photo (it’s a pretty boring purchase anyway...) but I’ve finally got a portable air conditioner. Igenix IG9901.

    I let it run for an hour earlier at 16c and my bedroom is lovely and chilly ! Only one slight complaint, some may find it a tad noisy. I’m not bothered as the white noise helps me sleep.
  8. AhhBisto


    Joined: 23 Feb 2019

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    I used to run a 14000btu portable unit, they're great for quick chilling. If you ever decide to sell I do have a top tip, a particular group of people love them to cool their grow houses and you'll get a good and quick cash only resale value on facebook.

    Edit: don't let them park, they can't and we lost our lovely flowerbed to a bmw 1 series.
  9. Tephnos


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    Tried a pair of LS50w, but preferred the passives. However, my old pair sold as well as the amp before I had expected to (put them overpriced on eBay and intended to lower the price when I wanted them gone, but then they got sold anyway!). So, I took the opportunity to upgrade my old D3020v2 to a D 3045.

    I really love the Bluetooth transmit feature of the D 3045. It always bothered me how on the D3020v2 how you could only use it to receive Bluetooh playback for the speakers, but couldn't transmit from a source to another device. Now you can!
  10. Martynt74


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    Get that protective film removed you monster! :mad:
  11. MrRockliffe


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    I absolutely love the look of the LS50s, though personally my favourite colour is the white and copper, which is only available in the wireless version - I don't think my girlfriend would speak to me if I spent that much on speakers!!!
  12. darael


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    Reminded me about a Techmoan video I watched recently.

    9:36 and 24:34 :D
  13. leoncuprar


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  14. Diddums


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    Anyone else really wanna play Portal now?
  15. roccles


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    Haha brilliant
  16. wez130


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    I imagine these will be polarising, but i like to be different :p

  17. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

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    Yeah…..not feeling it.
  18. hughtrimble


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    I'm feeling something...

  19. wez130


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    Think i might have been watching a few too many Producer Michael YT videos.
  20. Aedus


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    Some of the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my life, looks like a child scribbled over them with a black felt tip. But hey, you do you.