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Images of items I have purchased.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zefan, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. ubersonic


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    Yup, it was a former media center however 1080p made it redundant so I started using it as a footrest temporarily but quickly realised the size/weight made it perfect for the job so it's remained in that role.
  2. crinkleshoes


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    Location: London, McLaren or Radical

    New system for home office. Running it in in living room while the big ones are away for repair.

    [​IMG]foto_no_exif-5 by CosmicLogos, on Flickr
  3. Raggs

    Wise Guy

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    yeah i've had that worktop / alex combo 9 months not noticed any sag in it was time consuming too finish 3 coats of Danish oil worth in the end though.
  4. Fry750


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    19 discs of Red Dwarf godliness on Blu-ray.
  5. Housey

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    Cracking speaker the 805 D3, light and day compared to the older versions which I never liked. Home sampled these, really good but not good enough to justify replacing my current speakers.
  6. Worthy


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    Location: Manchester

    As much as I agreed with everyone when you took a hammering for the first pics, I felt a little guilty for doing so, as it's your house and you're free to decorate it as you wish. However, you're doing yourself no favours at all with the wolf pack that is GD. Why would you slate a nicely decorated laminate flooring job with a single colour paint job (grey is what I was thinking), and then buy a desk that looks completely out of place with your new decor, and would look stunning if it was in a room decorated in exactly the style you berated?
  7. Hades


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    The latest Gillette advert reminded me I was running low. So I popped out for some essentials. It was the best I could get.

  8. Marvt74


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    The bodyform to soak up all the blood when you cut yourself shaving?
  9. Hades


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    Oh the blades aren't for my beard. They are for my legs and armpits.
  10. Participant


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    Or from the bullying and woman beating he's been committing.
  11. DrToffnar


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    I imagine most of the people boycotting Gillette products from now on will be fine regardless. I mean, it's not like you can grow hair pretty much anywhere at that age.
  12. Hades


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    Actually I'm pretty bald on my head now (buzz cut no guard every other day). But the rest of me is like a gorilla unless I trim everywhere occasionally. I don't think I've ever been as hairy.
  13. hux

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  14. nicktay2605


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    @hux lovely looking earphones, what brand are they? They look like a serious pair of customs, what made you go with standard tips rather than getting them moulded?
  15. Pringle W


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  16. Merlin5


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    Nothing too exciting. Fan keeps me cool on my gigs, it's replacing a broken one. And really good scales as I've recently gotten into baking.


    My homemade lemon cupcakes. :)

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  17. EddScott


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    RC car royalty

    Decided to move away from buying the newest and "greatest" chassis of the day and run something I've always wanted.
  18. crinkleshoes


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  19. Funky-Melon


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    @crinkleshoes was this a pretty easy upgrade?

    Processors > Sort by price: High to Low > Add first entry to basket
    Memory > Sort by price....etc etc

  20. Armageus


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    Seems a bit poor in the scheme of things... with that amount of money, I'd just ring Overclockers and ask for a unique custom build to be done exactly how I wanted, with one-off cooling, colour scheme, mods etc.

    Starting point would be something from the 8 Pack range for example:

    My basket at Overclockers UK:
    Total: £37,999.98 (includes shipping: £0.00)