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26 Feb 2007
Hi guys, thinking of buying a present for my dad that he really wants.

If i get it from the U.S (£70 cheaper than UK) from eBay the seller has agreed to mark it as a gift on the customs label.

If he values it at £150 ($300) and marks gift.... will i not have to pay import taxes?

If i still have to pay taxes what are the procedures for me to not have to pay?
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11 Mar 2004
yes. the gift limit is very low.

either send it uninsured with a very low price.

or mark it as a returned manufacture repair.

If you have to pay tax

its going to be around

((price+ postage) +10%)+17.5% +£10
((Price + postage) + Duty) + vat + customs handling fee the parcel company pays it on your behalf and they charge

duty and vat can change depending on the item, but if it gets stopped use that for a good idea of cost.
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