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Insuring My MDA Compact II

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Xionic, 1 May 2006.

  1. Xionic


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    i work for t-mobile and recently bought a MDA Compact II on Relax 75 + W&W Pro, the phone broke on me after 10 days so i got a like-for-like replacement and after recieving it contacted t-mobile to insure it, low-and-behold as my origional purchase was outside the 14 period they refused to insure me and advised i contact phone safe directly, so i took the number and rang them, they then informed me that they couldnt insure the phone as it was a data handset and they couldnt get hold of them directly so i would need to speak to t-mobile.... after a week of uncomplete call backs from various manager i finally got hold of someone who i thought would help me, after being placed on hold for 1 hour i was told NO, NO, NO!

    anyway. my question is, if niether t-mobile or t-mobile insurance company (phonesafe) will insure my phone, who will as most just tell me as they cant get hold of the handset?
  2. Spamalot


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    Best bet would probally be house contents insurance. Exess can be large on these though.