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iPhone App for To-Do's?

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by Zbornak, 18 Jan 2011.

  1. shady


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    I've downloaded loads of apps, some free, some paid, but recently i got Things and it's the only one I actually want to use. I was reluctant at first because it is expensive for a simple piece of software, but quite frankly, that's exactly why I am using it. The simplicity is the key to its usability. I paid £30 for a desktop version first then got the iphone versin for 5.99 and now sync the two.
  2. lemoon


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  3. uvarvu


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    Have a look at Epic Win. It turns your tasks into quests which you use to level up a character. It also has Google Calendar integration :)
  4. PardonTheWait


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    That's actually honestly amazing!
  5. GSXRMovistar


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    Thought I'd bump this thread rather than starting a new one. Any recommendations on a task app that will sync with GoogleMail?

    Been a long time user of MS Outlook but looking to move to something where I don't need anything installed on any of my PCs and can also access/update them from my iPhone and soon to be iPad.

  6. khushy


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    If you are using Outlook - iMExchange APP works perfectly and sync notes, tasks - seemlessly!

  7. MikeHunt79


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    You can do the same thing without lockinfo if you give your tasks a time.