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Ipod video or other mp3 player?

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by Naan_H, 12 May 2006.

  1. Naan_H


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    Hi all,

    well im gonna go on holiday soon, to australia and was thinking of getting an mp3 player to carry all my music with me

    now the thing is, i have a psp with the 1.5 firmware, and so i wanted an mp3 player that had usb-on-the-go functionality so that i could transfer video between the two!

    However, im now thinking of selling the psp after my holiday as i really dont use it much, so was thinking of getting an ipod video or something similar.

    So what is playback quality like on the ipod? are there any large capacity players that do video better?

    i know its gonna be hard beating the psp in the video stakes, as the screen is big and it easy to watch things on it, but i should be able to get a fair bit of cash for my psp if i sell it. Or am i wrong to sell that too!? :confused:

    I have seen the iAudio X5 that has usb-OTG , but i dont know if its worth it as i have never heard of them.

    If the video playback is good on the ipod i may be tempted to get one!!

    please help me decide what to do!
  2. TooNice


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    Creative Zen Vision:M has the best video quality of the three (Apple, iAudio, Creative), but in my subjective opinion, the weakest SQ of the three.

    iAudio has the worst video quality of the three, but has, again subjectively one of the best headphone out. They are a reputable brand, if you are concerned about that.

    iPod sits between the two in video quality. Subjectively (as always), I think that it sounds at least as good as the iAudio, when used with bassier IEMs.
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