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Is 7600 GT AGP an overkill for my 3 years old system?

22 Jan 2005
N Ireland
Well, I have received Radeon 9550 card last week for my new Dell 2007WFP. While I'm happy with it, it has somehow boosted my thirst for games! :rolleyes:

9550 is good enough but from what I have found out, it isn't great with my chipset SIS 648 board, I had to use AGP 4X mode via CAT control panel for stable so it will have to be Nvidia card which I had no problem using 8X.

I'm looking at Geforce 6600 GT which would suit my system well but I'm having doubts about 7600 GT.

My system:
Pentium 4 2.53Ghz Northwood FSB533mhz
1GB 333mhz Ram
MSI 648 Max-L
TrueBlue 480W PSU

What do you think?
16 Nov 2005
Newry, Northern ireland
i think you should pick up a cheap socket 478 P4V800D-X ASUS board for about £20 new like i did, its socket 478, has agp X8 and a pci-e X16 slot on it. you can run ram at ddr 400 too and it overclocks good. you can get easily if you search for it. in relation to the 7600GT. dont get one. there is a specific card called a 7600 GST made by a certain company . its a 7600GS with a custom fan, which are cheaper than GT's but overclock to and beyond 7600GT speeds. check them out using google and see what you find :).

P.S dont get a 6600GT tbh. 7600GT is well worth it, and if you can stretch get a 7900GS second hand.
Man of Honour
25 Oct 2002
First of all, running at AGP 4x will make negligible performance difference compared to AGP 8x.

But in answer to the topic, I'd say it's not really overkill if you overclock the cpu. There's plenty of people who ran similar spec cards (6800gt/ultra) on Northwoods.

I'm guessing that monitor has a pretty hefty native resolution so I'd definitely go for a card with sufficient grunt to run it (7600gt).
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