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is it safe to use fan conrol on 100% 24/7 ati.

1 Jun 2006
well with winter drawing in and new baby the heatings on alot of the day.his isnt good for my pc.my 4850 has been getting a bit hot and normally at 50 % on the fan has cured it but last few days ive noticed slow down in cod4 and temps been higher.so i upped it to 80% while gaming :eek:its a bit noisy but it aint slowing down now.is it safe for prolonged use to leave the fan at above 75-100 percent all time.

im thinking of getting a different cooler which is best /lowest profile /cheapest price.

also is there any passive silent ones without a fan.
23 Sep 2008
I used a Zalman V1000 on my 8800gt was virually silent ay 100% and never got temps of over 55deg, though that wasnt overclocked...
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