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Is it too warm or am i just ok?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by bigmike20vt, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. bigmike20vt


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    I have a 3700+ sandy (E4 stepping) and when totally stock under full load (cpu burn in working the cpu and 3d mark 05 pushing the gpu at same time) it hits 50 degres max). (7800 XFX XXX hits 73 degs c at stock 1.3ghz ram 490mhz core)

    At 2.75ghz it hits 54 degs under full load same conditions, stock vaultage, however it isnt the hottest at the moment ambient temp wise, so i think its fair to say worse case scenario its possible it could ht 60 degress.

    now it is stable, but it does seem a touch warm.

    i have 2 fans in my case (1 in 1 out) and stock cooling on my 7800, with an asus A8N SLI premium mobo, with a AC Freezer 64 on the chip.
  2. The $6m Dan

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    It does seem a little warm, but if it's stable it should be ok, even at 60 the chip won't be in any great danger.

    You could try reseating the heat sink, and check to see that the thermal paste is actually in contact with both the chip and heat sink. If that's ok then it may just be the bios reporting the temps too high, or a poorly calibrated thermal probe.
  3. m3csl2004


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    seems quite higher for stock volts

    reseat the cooler and make shure the fan is spinning properly