is it worth it?

19 Oct 2011
Yo, so im currently using the onboard sound on my asus motherboard to a set of Logitech 5.1 x530.

i was wondering if buying the asus xonar dg pci sound card ( would make any noticeable differnt to the quality of sound.

im no real expert on audio but it looks cheap and got some good reviews but is it worth it with the low quality speakers im using?
7 Dec 2010
Have a read of this thread.

"Normally" dedicated soundcards give a better quality sound and allow for more features, control options of the sound and more outputs and inputs.

What is it you like to listen to the most on that pc ? Is it gaming, music, movies ?

Also can you tell the difference between good sound and you know average sound quality ? Are you the sort of person that will fiddle with the EQ to get it to sound how you like or just leave it at defaults ? I ask this because some people can't tell the difference between a good quality sound source and a poor or average one. If you can't tell the difference mate or you are happy with the sound you have now I woudn't bother. The speakers you have are pretty decent for cheap speakers by the way they can be made to sound better on a good sound card or any other source.

You currently have the Realtek ALC892 Audio Codec on your motherboard which is classed as "Good" but not amazing really. Let us know what budget you have and what material you like to listen to the most.
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