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Is my pci-e slot knackered

30 Mar 2012
CPU: i5 2500k
Gpu: 2x his 6950's ice (1x turbo 1x stock)
Mobo: asrock extreme4 gen 3
PSU: antec 750w true power

Hey guys,

Put together a new rig today and everything was looking good until I released that I couldnt get both gpus to appear in device manager which in turn didn't let me crossfire.

I tried both gpus in the first pci-e slot and they work fine however when I place a single card I'm the second pci-e slot, I cannot get a signal on the monitor.

Does you think my mobo is faulty? As I think the psu is more than capable at running my rig (correct me if I'm wrong?)

I don't really want to RMA my mobo unless I have to because I had a nightmare getting my CPU cooler onto the mobo correctly.

Cheers guys