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31 Dec 2019
I recently bought the citizen gaming pc from the overclockers website and and have noticed that my gpu is running quite hot.

I have two 120mm case fans and the gpu is hitting 77 degrees celcius on Overwatch and up to 83 degrees celcius on The Witcher 3. Its also running pretty loud, my gpu fans have hit 2700 rpm.

Is this normal if not is there any way of making it cooler?
26 May 2014
Undervolting and setting a custom fan curve is the way to go. Both can be done via AMD's driver software in the overclocking section. As for how to undervolt, there's tons of information out there if you Google it. Nobody will be able to tell you the exact best settings for your card, as it's down to the silicon lottery to a degree, but you should be able to get some ideas.

Of course, it's a bit of a hassle to go through for a prebuilt that you'd expect to just work out of the box. It sounds like they're using the cheap Red Dragon model and the cooler on that just isn't very good.
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