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Is there a way to stop a hard disk spinning up until...

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by DMZ, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. DMZ


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    Is there a way to stop a hard disk spinning up until a specific application tries to access data on it? In the ideal scenario the hard disk would not even spin up when the PC turns on.
  2. lnoton


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    I don't think this is possible as I've looked before on a previous version of Windows.

    I think right from the get go the uefi/bios will spin up drives even if their not registered as boot devices.

    You can set the drive on a power plan to spin down when not used for X mins. But sounds like you're after a more niche need.

    Perhaps a controller card that manages a switch in between the drive and the power supply that you can control? Or perhaps the sata cable is a better idea as along as it's set to hot swappable?

    You could have a monitoring program that detects for a certain process and enables the switch when it sees the process. That would mount the drive fairly quickly, but race conditions might be an issue.

    Yes...I likely am over engineering it.
  3. maddness


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    HDD scan, set it to spin down after 30 secs of idle or whatever


    you're welcome
  4. Semple


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    Also apart from bios spinning up the disks, it's highly likely the OS will also access all disks as part of start up.

    Why do you want to stop the disk spinning up until needed? I can't think of a single use case that would warrant a reason to do so.

    Power consumption is almost non-existent, and if that was a true concern then you wouldn't be powering a PC.

    Drive wear is also not a concern as the disks are designed to do this.
  5. skyripper

    Wise Guy

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    Replace it with an SSD. They don't spin.