Is this fan configuration OK ?

3 Jul 2009
I have the same case and have it like this;

2 120mm front (inwards)
1 140mm top (outwards)
1 120mm fan attached to a 120mm radiator (outwards)
Side fan not used and covered up.

Hot air rises so you want cooler air comming in lower, and hot air going out nearer the top.

Corsair state inwards is best for there radiator, so those my manufacture, but iv found outwards works best, better overall temps, and max 1c added to cpu temp.
2 Feb 2008
front fan if infront of a hard drive should come inwards to give it cool air.
side fan is to feed graphics cards and mobo with cool air, i'd blow it inwards.
top blowing out is good.
as for radiator they're telling you inwards so its fed cold air but then your pumping its hot air into case.... not too smart. goin outwards will keep case, mobo etc cooler and with air coming into case from front and side the air exhausted at the back should be sufficiently cool to cool the radiator.

basically at the min your blowing hot air into your case and exhausting it out past your components!
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