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Issues using hdmi and dvi at the same time, radeon 7850

10 Nov 2012
I have just got a new card and had it hooked upto my lg LCD tv using hdmi and it was all fine. I have now mounted a 22 hp monitor and connected it by dvi but it doesn't work.

Using them one at a time they work fine, but just not together. I have tried detecting the other source but nothing just seems to work. Usually I would just press f4 and it would output on my laptop or just right click and choose output options and extend desktop. None of these options are available.

Do I need a different type of dvi lead?

The card has 2 mini ports, dvi and hdmi port

LCD tv has hdmi, scart, composite and VGA

Monitor had dvi, VGA and a DP port

Help much appreciated

30 Jan 2012
Stoke On Trent
As its an AMD card u might have a similar problem to what i had and i fixed it by uninstalling AMD drivers and then going into device manager and right click Display Adaptor and uninstall. Reboot and install drivers again.

Its a long shot but maybe it'll help.