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IT Remake (2017)

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Fluke?, 29 Mar 2017.

  1. Jester*

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    Thoroughly recommended.

    An excellent horror film, that's broken up with comic moments and it works very well.
  2. Glanza


    Joined: 13 Mar 2007

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    Location: South Yorkshire

    Watched it this morning, doesn't require 4dx as apart from the rain it doesn't make use of all the features available.

    Enjoyed it very few jump scares and felt almost like watching Stand by me mixed with Stranger Things, Bill did more than enough to portray Pennywise in a new way and the child actors all played their parts really well.
  3. jubei


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    Saw this last night at IMAX and thought it was rubbish. Everyone seems to love it and I have been waiting all year for it to come out. Didn't find it scary at all, neither was the curry version but that wasn't trying to be jump scare like this. Felt like the film laboured on for too long and that nobody was ever really in any danger :/

    This trend of having kids swear a lot is wearing thin too, not really shocking or funny these days.

    Overall it felt more like a kids program like 'around the twist' with lots of humour than a horror film.

    Genuinely gutted and don't understand all the love it's getting.
  4. Tombstone


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    I rated it 9/10 because its a great story that was well told. Some of the kids I thought were very good for their ages (particularly the one who played Beverly and the one who played Ben) , was it scary? Nope..not at all, but to put that into context, the last film that scared me was 36 years ago , no horror film scares me now and hasnt done for decades. I agree that I knew that nobody was really in any danger but that was largely because I knew they werent because I already know the story and thus knew that none were in danger. The kids swearing...cant say I mind it really, kids do swear a lot, especially when its just them amongst themselves, I dont think it was intended to be shocking or funny, it was just a portrayal of how kids are.

    I felt it was paced very well, wasnt simply a gorefest (a la Saw or Hostel) , had decent enough SFX, covered enough backstory of the 7 primary characters and set the foundations nicely for the 2nd film. As you say, its getting a lot of love, that alone shows that its a decent film. Some films are liked by some people but when the vast majority declare a film to be good, chances are, its good.
  5. Nitefly

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    Saw this just now and it was pretty good fun. Only downside that it was a little too long and overdone... jeez what is up with films doing that these days!!!

    Essentially a montage of creepy sequences tied in with decent light relief. It's such a treat when horror films remember they can be fun!

    Some of the scary sequences were much better than others. A couple of genuinely good jump scares too. I did laugh at loud quite a bit at some of lesser scare attempts. Certainly not a 'scary film' but I think the best horror films often tread the funny / scary line.

    Pennywise himself didn't scare me at all and mostly made me laugh.

    Bit that got me:

    The bit where squiggly faced woman popped up in the sewar - gahhh it was so obviously coming too :D

    Also the projector scene jump scare was good consider how drawn out the build up was - quite a few nervous laughs after that finished!

    The bits with the leper monster were terrible!!

    Other thoughts:

    They could have considerably trimmed the section where they went away from the well house and then came back to it, and the 'epilogue' IMO for the sake of run time.

    On the whole very good fun but, again, a point off for being too long *sigh*

    My rating 7/10
    Company's rating 7.5/10
    Last edited: 10 Sep 2017
  6. nicktay2605


    Joined: 22 Mar 2007

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    I just got back from seeing it and would thoroughly recommend it, it's one of the scariest and best horror films I've seen in a while. My only criticisms are that it was a bit too long (I think they could have got rid of 20 minutes with tighter editing) and that some of the bigger scares are in the trailer so they were somewhat ruined by knowing they were coming.
  7. bledd


    Joined: 21 Oct 2002

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    Location: Parts Unknown

    Really enjoyed this, not as haunting as the original, but that may be because I watched that when I was about 10 years old.

    The kids are awesome in it, it's got that Stand By Me/ Super 8 feel to it.

    Some of the scares really catch you off guard. If you're on the fence, go see IT !
  8. padcontrol


    Joined: 30 Jul 2007

    Posts: 138

    After reading all the reviews etc going tomorrow to watch it, i don't even enjoy horror movies (wife does) but i'll give it a shot.
  9. SirJinks


    Joined: 31 May 2014

    Posts: 521

    I'm no fan of horror movies but thought this was a really good film. The current iteration of Pennywise IMHO trumped Curry's version (which I thought played more slapstick than sinister). There were some genuine scares, the child actors (especially Bev) were great, moments of humour, I'm looking forward to chapter 2.
  10. SC0TTRS

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 14 Jan 2014

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    Fan of the original and thought the remake was excellent.

    Quality acting and dialogue along with comic moments was great.

    Recommend to anyone.
  11. aardvark


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    Location: leeds

    i saw this on friday - i thought it was pretty good -way better than the tv series (which i thought was garbage at the time and still do).

    It wasn't scary but had two good jumps scares that really got me.
    Good performances, especially pennywise.
    sometimes it felt like it was trying too hard with the kids, but overall it was good.
  12. chris4652009


    Joined: 24 Sep 2013

    Posts: 2,658

    Just finished the book, wow that was unexpected and not in the remake (or the old film).

    To add: Saw the remake Friday, highly recommended to anyone...throw the original film in the bin
  13. Efour


    Joined: 8 Sep 2005

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    Location: Norrbotten, Sweden.

    Seeing it tonight. Fully booked cinema. Bloody rare for up here :p
  14. Efour


    Joined: 8 Sep 2005

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    Location: Norrbotten, Sweden.

    [QUOTE="Glanza, post: 31138054, member: 58707"Felt almost like watching Stand by me mixed with Stranger Things, Bill did more than enough to portray Pennywise in a new way and the child actors all played their parts really well.[/QUOTE]

    This is probably the best way to describe "IT"

    I really, really enjoyed it, possibly my fav film of the year, which i thought was going to be Dunkirk (but thats already slipped a few times.)

    A more modern take on it, language was less innocent. More physical than whimsical.

    I don't really think that part 2 is going to be any cop at all. It will make its money back but i doubt its going to actually be good.[/QUOTE]
  15. bluesouljah


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    Part two will be better. The director has already discussed the deadlights
  16. Sirrel Squirrel


    Joined: 5 Aug 2003

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    Saw it last night, I thought it was excellent, its been a long time since I've seen a good horror film. Pennywise was fantastic, really good, I loved the first encounter with him. The kids were great too and some of their scenes and lines were genuinely funny.
  17. Muzza1875

    Perma Banned

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    For those mentioning it was too long, it kinda has to be that length to tell the story and be true to the book, which is why I think it was a great hit besides the great acting.
    The dark tower film was utter rubbish imo due to straying too far from the books.
    The second film might be even longer if I am remembered correctly the book is over 1000 pages long.
  18. SoliD


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    Went to see this tonight, having never seen the mini series or read the book I was going in fairly fresh. Which I think made it more enjoyable, altho I appear to have become immune to the jumpy bits. Thought the kids were great in their roles, and loved the 80s throwbackness of it all.
    Was Richie wearing a Christine t shirt or was that just my mind running wild? Really didn't feel anywhere near as long as it was and really looking forward to the second part.
  19. SirJinks


    Joined: 31 May 2014

    Posts: 521

    He was indeed. There are several easter eggs in the film which pay homage to the book and the wider King universe.
  20. uroboros


    Joined: 28 Nov 2005

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    I thought the lego turtle and turtle reference in the quarry were a nice touch. Considering the length of the book and the need to condense ths significantly for the film all these little nods back to the source material certainly added another level of immersion for me.

    Did anyone else notice what was going on in the background whilst Ben was sat down in the library. Thought that was suitably creepy in the same manner as the hotel manager's impossible window in The Shining.