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James Bond films are 'sexist' and 'racist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tattooed, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Tattooed

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  2. DXP55


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    They wouldn't be good films if they wasn't - Bring it on.
  3. Vonhelmet


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    Go back and revisit anything from more than a few years ago and there’ll be things that aren’t too palatable.

    James Bond is quite the misogynist, though, so it’s not a wonder the films appear a bit sexist. I wouldn’t say they are sexist, though they definitely portray a sexist.

    Not sure about the race thing.
  4. hornetstinger


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    Ban everything except Teletubbies.
  5. StevieP


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    I do wish people would stop going out of their way to be offended by things!

    Oh and, Mail Online! :rolleyes:
  6. Tunney


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    Because the Mail Online makes more money when their stories are shared on social media and PC overclocking forums.
  7. Mr Badger


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  8. StevieP


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    100% a gentleman! :p
  9. Malevolence


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    Millennials! Nuff said!
  10. Flibster


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    Just wait till they see The Dambusters.

    Oh no! The dog is racist!
    Yay bombing Nazis!
    Oh, flooding valleys killing thousands of non-nazis...


    *heads explode*

    Or even watch Song of the South from Disney. :D

    Oh god... someone stream the Carry On movies for them. ;)
  11. VincentHanna


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    To be fair the headline is factually accurate.

    All films are a product of their time.
  12. billysielu


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    They're just trying to justify making Bond a woman next.
    Standard issue man-hating.
  13. CREATIVE!11


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  14. NewGamer11

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    There have been complaints about Friends recently now that it is on Netflix. They are complaining about the jokes about Ross’ wife turning lesbian are homophobic. Erm, no they are joking that the fault is with Ross. There was some other BS but my brain deleted it.
  15. arknor


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    Is that describing the actor or the character

    I hope we don't enter an age where old films are re-edited and cut to not offend millennial ***sigh***

    dailymail basically reports on social media views instead of real news these days.

    DM "journalist" needs a story to fill the qouta, ill just head to twitter or facebook
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  16. FoxEye


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    For you and your crazy "liberal" friends. For the rest of us, they are simply a bit dated, nothing more.

    "Not palatable"? I think the younger generation desperately need a kick up the ass, and their "liberal" handlers/drum beaters along with them.

    So much nonsense to be "offended" over. Do people even remember what it's like to be genuinely offended? "These 1960s films are so offensive!" Yeah, get over yourself.
  17. skyripper

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    In other news, the Pope is catholic, and bears really do **** in the woods.
  18. Ayahuasca


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    Sean Connery just oozes sex appeal, can just imagine every woman he slept with wanting a firm slap straight from the depths of that moustache.
  19. explicit4u


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    Another gd thread about sjw's getting attention while giving them more attention.

    It's not really homophobic but a lot of the jokes are dated and a little out of touch. I think even one of writers or creators came out and said the same.

    Isn't bond a bit of a mysoginistic rapist?
  20. PiKe


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    Yawn, there's going to be nothing good left in the world in a minute, I find some people breathing is offensive, are they going to stop?